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Taybeh Organic Farms is a family owned farm and therefore is a family story. It was founded by late Eng. Walid Al-Taybeh in 1989 in Wadi Rajeb, overlooking the Jordan Valley in Jordan and it is now managed by his children.

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Eng. Walid Al-Taybeh was an electrical engineer before dedicating his career to his farm and his extended research in the field of food safety and consumer's health hazards. He founded his company Gazelle Agriculture co. and was involved in  agricultural field trials to develop phytotherapy feed additives for food - producing animals. He innovated two novel feed additives Gazelle 11 and Gazelle 22 which allow to raise industrial poultry farming with no antibiotics or anti-coccidian.

His work was selected as one of the 50 research focal points in Jordan supervised by the Higher Council of Science and Technology (HCST) and got support and recognition from The Jordanian Enterprise Development Corporation (JEDCO); from the Ministry of Agriculture and from the European Union. 


Eng. Walid Al-Taybeh transmitted to his children his passion for innovation and his determination to work ethically for the sake of public health and therefore the health of our environment. It is naturally that his children helped him to transition the farm to certified organic farming since 2013 and that since his passing in 2019 they continue his legacy for research and innovation in the field of agriculture.


"While managing Taybeh Organic Farms we wish to contribute towards regenerating our soils and at the same time regenerating our understanding and our relationship with nature." 

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